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Manage all of your student's daily activities in one place

Homeschool parents need tools to help them manage their children’s activities, guide them to learn, and stay on the learning track to help them grow and develop. KEDEMY is a FREE resource to help you with homeschooling and improve your student’s learning experience. Plan lessons, schedule and track your student’s progress today!

student management
Student Management

Manage all of your day-to-day homeschool operations

class builder
Class Builder

Design the class curriculum to your students learning style


Manage tasks and activities with ease


Keep track of tasks and activities assigned

Kedemy Works for You

With KEDEMY, Parents can help guide their student in learning with the ability to manage schedules, reports, learning detail, and activities. KEDEMY offers these learning tools:

easy setup
Easy Setup
  • An intuitive starter guide to help you through the setup process.
  • Set up the Academic Year and Calendar with ease!
  • Need to modify your schedule? Use KEDEMY’s useful rescheduling tool to move everything forward. Plan an entire year, or go day-by-day.
student's profile
Create Student's Profile
  • Record information about your students and their learning needs.
  • Understand your students better by identifying and noting their strengths, preferences, interests, and hobbies.
  • Keep track of textbooks, books read, videos, field trips, learning experiences, documents, course descriptions, grades and credit hours.
homeschool planner
Homeschool Planner
  • Design your successful learning environment under your roof!
  • Plan and organize your student’s academics from top to bottom.
  • Pick out the learning materials that will be used to teach your student to help them master all their required subjects.
track progress
Track Progress
  • Track the progress of your student for each assignment and class.
  • Track attendance and credit hours.
  • Track grade points and overall grade point averages.
  • Print or view your student's Transcript in KEDEMY!